Matt Maratea Finds Love In New Song “I Think It’s In The Way”

I’m 7 posts in for the always consistent Matt Maratea. I’ve written about him for over 6 months, and he never seems to slow down. He has the rare ability to perfect any mood or sound lyrically and sonically. Matt has put together descriptive songs about relationship woes before, but his newest, I Think It’s In The Way, is a more lighthearted approach to love.

Matt becomes infatuated with a girl he’s been looking for all his life, and although she sees it as lust, he feels something more. Soon, both feel real love, and Matt can easily make her blush. His chorus game has stayed intact on ITIITW and may be his best performance yet. The smooth cut is produced by Ayodlo who adds much to the jubilant track.

You can stream I Think It’s In The Way on Spotify and Apple Music here.