It’s hard to rep Chicago harder than Nico $upremo does on his new track Air Force All Star, with its extensive references to the titular shoe merely being the start of it. Over the creeping beat provide by Lone Buddha Beats, Nico spends much of the track documenting what the shoe means to him and the city as a whole, flossing with references to Rocky and Gohan alike in terms of the significance the shoes hold.

As for his flow, Nico strikes a balance of a catchy delivery that nonetheless doesn’t sacrifice the strength of his verses. The hook is anthemic and instantly memorable, while the verses are detailed lyrically and dynamic vocally. Nico does for the Air Force All Stars, just what Wale did for Nike Boots and streetwear enthusiasts do for Vans and Converse alike. With more tracks like this however, Nico will be a superstar with or without his All Stars, with this single only being the start.

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