Boston has another one! In recent years, there has been a thriving rap scene in Boston seen in rising stars Michael Christmas and Cousin Stizz (amongst many others), and Danny Diamonds has stepped to the plate with his sunny and promiscuous, but self-aware new single Stuck, produced by Polyte.

The concept of the track is made apparent from the jump as a voicemail about Danny’s disloyalty introduces his staggeringly honest verses. Danny himself cites influence from the likes of Childish Gambino, Kanye, and J Cole, and this is made apparent in both his breezy delivery and introspective lyrics. “How am I supposed to trust you, I don’t trust myself” Danny questions, a dark truth that could almost be missed over Polyte’s soulful, uptempo beat, but is instead enhanced by it.

Danny’s lyrical transparency and his equally melodic and technically sound vocals, bode well for the future of his career, and Stuck marks itself as a track to get stuck in heads without sticking to the script.


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