Mountos Is Right By Your Side In New Visual “Here For You”

Among the negativity, drugs, violence, and promotion of such via social media, it’s nice to get a submission supporting ones who struggle with difficult emotions. Hitting our pages for the first time is Mountos, a straight to the point MC who aims to help his listeners through his music.

His short but poignant new visual, Here For You, sheds light on his empathetic nature, lyrically telling us that no matter what we are going through he is right by our side. Mountos gives us an overview of his current struggles – sure to note that he knows he is doing his best. He expresses that in life we are all tested in some way, and it takes time to sort things out.

The visual, shot by Javier Covarrubias and directed by Osvaldo Vazqueza and himself, is focused solely on Mountos. He directly speaks to us through the lens, and that approach brings to light his message. Mountos is a refreshing take on 2018 hip-hop, and I hope there is more to come from the budding MC.


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