Matt Maratea Links With Souly Had For Light-Hearted Double Drop “Couple M’s”

Matt Maratea can do no wrong. Seriously. Everything he has sent me is pure gold – and always posted. The Western Massachusetts MC recently teamed up with NY native Souly Had for a new single AND visual to Couple M’s. Based on the title it may sound like a typical braggadocious track, and while elements do exist, they are expressed in a unique way. I’ve always admired Matt’s ability to fuse traditional hip-hop, trap, and pop without giving in to tired trends. In the visual Matt admits he’s white but is having a damn good time rapping, chilling, smoking and making dope music. Both MC’s outline the beginning stages of a music career, and how money can change your life in more ways than one. M’s is immediately infectious due in part to SpacedTime’s playful beat that never ceases in intensity. You can stream the track via your favorite application here. 


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