Cali MC Supreme Cerebral Is Out For Blood On Loose Cut “War Ready”

It’s one thing to brag and boast on the mic, but when you include an insane rhyme scheme, flow, metaphors, and pure bar for bar skill, it’s a totally different experience. This came to mind when listening to Cali MC (and Gold Chain Militant affiliate) Supreme Cerebral. His new track War Ready is pure intensity – Supreme is out for blood this year. He packs dense yet invigorating raps alongside heavy boom bap production from Pete Twist (with cuts by DJ Ragz.) There is so much to unpack in just under 3 minutes with lyrics that will make you laugh, gasp, and crave more content from Supreme. My favorite lines include “Fuck the necklace – I’m thinking rubies with the necklace” and “hold the trophy like I’m Kobe.” There is an endless amount of one-liners, so be sure to pay attention!

War Ready is just a loosie, but there are rumors of a collabo EP coming soon. Please bless us Supreme!


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