Chicago’s Fairplay Grabs King Samson For Heartfelt New Track ”Same Shit”

After a successful compilation tape and two strong loosies, Chicago’s Fairplay is back with his most heartfelt track yet. Same Shit is a no smoke behind mirrors look into Fairplay’s daily dealings. Through a laid back but still captivating flow, the Chicago rapper shows us that the city is more than what you see on the news. He speaks on the emotional, psychological, and mental aspect of meeting up with plugs, the detriment of drugs, seeing body bags on the daily, how important his brothers are to him, and more. Anyone can rap about the struggle, but it is the talented MC who can go beyond facts and bring his soul into every line. Featured artist King Samson brings his own perspective at the tail end of the track, making Same Shit a refreshing display of honesty, vulnerability, and skill.


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