The weather has been up and down in Chicago, causing almost everyone I know to be sick (including me.) Winter, at least in the colder states, can often be viewed as a stressful and hectic time, and besides the Holiday’s there is little to be excited about. Thankfully, Kiraly’s newest track is a highlight of December among a rough couple of months. I’ll continue to say it – Kiraly is one of the best MC’s in the city, overlooked by so many it’s ridiculous. It’s a shame as he puts out banger after banger, shown once again on Blue.

Kiraly paints a vivid picture of his throne covered in ice which serves as a double entendre to his expertise on the mic. He continues to stick with his fully developed sound but keeps things contemporary enough to grab attention from the start. This man has no shortage of lyrical wordplay, which is displayed in some way with every drop. His man Austen Nobles is on the tail end of the cut, adding some melodic vocals to break things up. It doesn’t surprise me that there was co-production on this one (from JUSTWill, Kiraly, and Austen) due to its fitting, complex and ice cold instrumental.