LA-based Malcolm Anthony has a keen ear for melody and distinctive vocals that have turned quite a few heads this year. He’s earned a reputation for his remarkable versatility and long -list of collaborations (Lex Luger, Pham, Wave Chapppelle and Sam F) along with a tireless work ethic that has kept him continuously relevant. Although his music is infectious, his newest collaboration with Staten Island’s Squid was a smart move. Their newest single, Gangbang, mixes Squid’s lazy flow with Malcolm’s contagious energy – creating a short but memorable track. We can also give thanks to producer Nate Merchant who added the pop-infused instrumental. While its title may sound offensive, you won’t hear any negativity or wrongdoing.

Gangbang will be featured on the duo’s upcoming collaborative mixtape, The First 48, which is set to drop at the top of 2018.