The relationship between an emcee and producer is an intricate one indeed. Not always credited for the work they put in, without producers, this love many have for this culture would be obsolete. Chicago producer, Harmonic Sapien, keeps it short and sweet with his latest EP, Anti Social. And yes, you’ve guessed it, the inspiration behind this EP had a lot to do with him not being a Social butterfly. (I’m sure a lot of us can relate) Heavily influenced by a few of the greatest producers of our time, (MF Doom, Pharrell, Kanye) it’s nice to hear the orginality. While I’ve been hip to him for quite some time, Harmonic has definitely grown to become one of my favorite producers in the city. Anti Social is the prefect element for this Saturday afternoon. Whatever you might be emerging yourself in, do your ears and heart a favor by setting aside some time for this EP. Share this with someone you love.

It’s one p.m. and I have yet found the energy to roll out of bed. While I’m mustering the strength to be productive, don’t be afraid to send some new music my way. (Tweet me @_BrittneyCarter) Peace !