Asoh Black! and sndwn. Just Blew My Mind With Their Newest Conceptual Track “Flights”

Shit…where has Asoh Black! and sndwn. been all my life? Thanks to the power of submissions the Brooklynites just hit me with their newest collab, Flights. The short but sweet record has Asoh fantasizing about a future in which he’s achieved so high of a status that he can get through airport security with a dead body in his suitcase. Read that again. And again. Capturing the storyline in under 2 minutes is a feat, but Asoh pulls it off in a flawless fashion. The MC even adds a brief chorus that only brings more strength to the eerie single. Producer sndwn. is as much to blame for Flights’ compelling nature, as his beat combines elements of classic jazz with the tempo of golden era hip-hop.

Flights is the second single off sndwn’s upcoming album “The Halo Effect,” and is available on all streaming platforms.


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