Not sure if you guys are able to relate, but one of my favorite things during a commute, is finding a dope new song to add to one of my various playlist. JooZy Joe has recently dropped a track entitled “Talk That Talk.” With a mainstream flow, JooZy prides himself on keeping his morals in check, and vents about his frustrations with society. While this is my first time hearing of this recent college graduate, I’m looking forward to hearing more tracks from JooZy. Tweet me @_BrittneyCarter with your thoughts on this track!

Chicagos weather has finally decided to show her face. So make sure you guys are bundled up. And if the cold has already caught ya, don’t worry, there is nothing a little green tea with lemon, honey, and ginger can’t fix. Winter is coming y’all. Peace!

Cover art by @svckerfree