Dfree Da Vinci Drops His Breakthrough EP “No Filter”

Dfree Da Vinci makes his second appearance on our pages with standout new project No Filter. I personally know a lot of work went into this, and the long hours definitely paid off. Cover art is more important that we think, and Da Vinci certainly drew me in with his. There is a direct link between his un-zipped lips and the premise of No Filter, giving listeners an all-encompassing musical experience. The EP was solely produced by jxnoir who put together eclectic beats and a host of bangers. The main focus is Da Vinci, an MC who has equal amounts of energy and sharp lyricism. Throughout the tape, he uses an aggressive delivery, potent bars, and a distinct vocal style that I found addictive. Da Vinci is one of the freshest talents I’ve heard this side of the Windy City and deserves some love.

You can alternatively stream No Filter on Apple Music and Spotify.


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