Skipp Whitman Returns With A Concept Video To Standout Track “Comfortable”

It’s been a minute since I’ve heard from Skipp Whitman – an MC who takes a unique and often humorous approach to his visuals. There is no doubt he has wordplay for days, and a strong hold on how to present topics such as mental illness, addiction, and in his newest – money troubles. Comfortable is directed by AJ LODGE who beautifully puts together a concept video originally created by Jesse Feinberg.

Skipp rhymes about not being comfortable in his current situation, utilizing the backdrop of Ikea as a double entendre. He continues to show his playful side – as he is dressed in a lumberjack winter’s hat. Don’t be fooled – this is one of his darker records, and my favorite from him. Skipp grabbed his rapper friend J.W.J to spit a few bars towards the end on par with Skipp’s skills on the mic.