Skipp Whitman – Wild World (Video)

Hip hop started with the struggle. From The Message to Fuck The Police, to the expression of emotional struggle from cats like Drake and Chance The Rapper, we’ve heard pain and suffering since the inception of the genre.While celebratory songs have always been a part of rap, we relate more to the trials and tribulations of relationships, mental illness, and the like. But, where are records about achievement and happiness?

Wild World, Skipp Whitman’s ode to the beauty in life, has hit on all of the above. This quote from Skip himself might give you a better understanding of the song:

“There is something about moving on to the next phase of your life which forces you to think back on what it took to get you to where you are, and about what may lie ahead of you – in your future.”

In the video, shot in North Hollywood, CA, you’ll see Skipp basking in the sun surrounded by a pool, seemingly as a metaphor for the bright aura that has surrounded his being.The visual is shot by Imani Pina for Sweven Productions, and co-produced by Elijah Harris. Wild World, is a song from Skipp’s new album, Piece, that I highly recommend giving a spin.


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  1. […] It’s been a minute since I’ve heard from Skipp Whitman – an MC who takes a unique and often humorous approach to his visuals. There is no doubt he has wordplay for days, and a strong hold on how to present topics such as mental illness, addiction, and in his newest – money troubles. Comfortable is directed by AJ LODGE who beautifully puts together a concept video originally created by Jesse Feinberg. […]


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