Maryland’s Finest YTK & Lee Sahir Link For A Lo-Fi Gem In “Eclipse”

YTK has impressed me since his very first submission. I was so interested in his music that we chopped it up (interview here), and I have since kept up with his musical output. Unfortunately I am late in posting his newest collaborative piece with Lee Sahir. Both reside in Maryland, and both are lyrical geniuses. Eclipse is a very low key and, consequently, lo-fi record that is full of witty, and sometimes humorous bars and wordplay. Producer NK provided a dusty instrumental that complimented both MC’s delivery. Lee and YTK are really positive people and without surprise make very uplifting and thoughtful music. This shows in Eclipse. The song provoked a lot of thought in me, and I had fun playing it back a few times to fully grasp all the lyrics.

On a side note, I was really impressed with Lee, an MC I was unfamiliar with until now. Lee has more music coming soon, so keep watch by following him on Soundcloud.