To Follow Up His Groundbreaking EP, Matt Muse Delivers A Gorgeous New Record, “What’s Love”

MC, teacher, and social activist Matt Muse has been on a rampage this year. Headlining shows, getting due respect from large media outlets, and most importantly, delivering GREAT music. We spoke with him before he dropped his breakthrough EP The SiKK Tape, and it was a great conversation. It made my (and hopefully your) experience with the project much more meaningful. We have mutual support for one another, and I’m a huge fan of his music and movement. (Peep the interview here.)

I’m happy to say he’s back with the follow up single from SiKK. What’s Love is no loosie, but a meticulously crafted record. Matt has always spread positivity in his music, and What’s Love is no different. He tells us “hate can tarnish your body, and steal your soul,” something he’s learned through experience.

He details a few of these realizations, and ultimately tells us to “hit him up if we need a hug.” He doesn’t stop there, verbally attacking the mfnTaylor beat. The energetic song is rounded out with beautiful vocals from Chicago songstress TASHA. What follows is an inspirational spoken word piece. Name another rapper who puts this much detail into their music, and continues to contribute to society at large. I’ll wait.

You can stream The SiKK Tape below.