AWillThaGreat Won’t Stop Till He Makes A Mill On His Newest Single

There’s no question one of my favorite songs off my compilation tape was AWillThaGreat’s Elevate. No shade to the other talented rappers involved, I just connected with it the most. After peeping his music and following him on SoundCloud, I reached out to him to see if he’d hop on Riptide. We then built a mutually supportive relationship, and he gave me Elevate as an exclusive.

Although his newest, Million, was released about a week ago, it was just brought to my attention. Will favors high reverb instrumentals, and always does his thing over them. But this one, produced by Millz Douglas, is REALLY heavy on the bass, and one of his best beat selections yet.

The instrumental matches the subject matter, as Will tells us millions are waiting for him. He has no doubt they’ll find each other as he continues to put out dope music. Hard work does pay off, (I can attest to that) and Will is very aware of the cheesy, but accurate cliche.

📸: @colevisions