flowsfordays Premiere: Mikey Hash – OREN ISHI (New Track)

Mikey Hash’s music is brash, heartfelt, and lo-fi at it’s finest. We all have struggles in life, and my way of coping is writing. Mikey’s is to express himself through music. His newest project, PONYBOY666, is a deep look into psyche. His delivery is blunt, and beats dark and dreary. It’s important to look past that (although I soak it in) and focus on his rapping skills.

I’m here to premiere the intro off the tape, OREN ISHI, produced by DUDE. It’s my favorite off PONY, and a perfect way to start things off. He delivers potent bars, never stopping his erratic flow, speaking on a host of topics that are almost poetic.

I highly recommend you peep the tape. I have no doubts you’ll connect with at least one of the records.


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