flowsfordays Debuts Henry Stuart’s Remix Project and Creativity Tips

Philly native Henry Stuart is an incredibly talented live producer, DJ, photographer, and graphic designer. He’s supported me in all my endeavors, starting with my first blog in 2011. We have a mutual respect for one another, so it was only right that we collaborated on a piece for flowsfordays.

For writers and artists who don’t have a platform, Twitter threads can be an effective option. Henry has posted quite a few; my favorite being his advice for creatives.

Today we have this, and a tribute video to SZA. It’s a remix to her song Broken Clocks off debut project Ctrl. Artists of any type will appreciate the next video, which includes tips for boosting your creativity. Playing in the background is Excuse Me, my favorite track off Henry’s SoundCloud. While both have been tweeted before, there has been no official release on a blog. I’m happy to put it all on one page for my readers to peep. We’ve got more coming, so stay tuned.