Instrumental Blessings In The Last 24hrs- Segment #1

When Drake comes out with a new single – everyone has an opinion. Our feeds light up with criticism, praise, and insults. There in lies the problem – what about the producer? Let’s face it – there is no great song without a producer. While guys like Metro Boomin and Zaytoven have reached superstar status, so many are overshadowed by the lyricist. This is why I’ve started a series titled “24 Hour Instrumental Blessings”

I’ll round up the best songs I’ve heard on SoundCloud in the last 24 hours. There are 4 rules to this…and all are very important.

  1. Must have been released in the last 24 hours
  2. Must have come from my SoundCloud feed
  3. Must be limited to 5 tracks
  4. Must be purely instrumental (although samples and sparse vocals are ok)

Today we have the very first of the series. The entire playlist will be at the top of the screen, but for the true readers, songs will be individually posted below with info and analysis on each.

Rush. – chromonicci.

chromonicci. is a excellent producer out of The Lone Star State. He is incredibly humble and grateful to anyone that gives his music a chance (see replies on SoundCloud and free downloads.) He’s been dropping lush production for about a year now, and has built a loyal fan base. Just yesterday chromo decided to drop Rush, a song he hash-taged as #niccibounce. Give it 5 seconds and you’ll understand the description. High pitched vocal clips make way for ascending drum patterns that never quit.

the body – DIVERSA

When mind, body, and soul are represented in a single song, a spark runs through my body, and something changes within me. This was my reaction when I finished listening to the body. DIVERSA, a well established producer, gave me a personal therapy session through my headphones with his newest song. Be sure to give it a FULL listen, as the beginning starts out slow. Once its over, you’ll understand the build up.

loot – toj

New Zealand’s toj is a mysterious producer who reaches his fans through SoundCloud and BandCamp. You won’t see a picture of him, or get any clues to who he is, as his profile and accompanying album art all seem random. Go through his SoundCloud and you’ll see what I mean. Still, he manages to drop some incredible instrumentals. His output is insane, even more so because he’s barely hit the one year mark on SoundCloud. His newest, loot, is one of his best, as the horns are bold, bright, and colorful. He doesn’t stop there, adding stuttering electronic work and a groovy backdrop.

gone – eli filosov

eli filosov [ p h i l o ] is another puzzling figure, affiliated with alaya records & blvnt records. It’s obvious he takes his music and career seriously, as he uses a multitude of platforms to distribute, including Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud. He’s put together a host of well received EP’s, all leading up to his debut project released today. While I’d love to write about it – I’m sticking to the series’ rules. Just yesterday, to build buzz for Marlo, he put out a new song titled gone. The sample throughout the short instrumental is a monotone voice saying “that boy gone.” It’s a great tidbit to segue into his new LP, which you can listen to here. 

In Memory – Madbliss & Dream Child

Our final track is a collaborative piece between LA’s Madbliss and Forth Worth’s Dream Child. It’s the most eclectic instrumental in the playlist, perhaps because two minds were at work in putting this together. In Memory could easily be included in a Super Nintendo game soundtrack…except those drums are killer.