Chicago’s Cey, the Ghost Keeps It Honest In The Newest Single Off His Upcoming EP

It can be difficult to share your inner thoughts – with others, and certainly in music. Cey, the Ghost has continued to make music for the ones who struggle, whether they have issues in their relationships, are struggling financially, or don’t have the motivation to keep pushing on. I’ve admired his fortitude from the jump, (see dissection interview) and am excited to share another incredible record from the Chicago emcee.

Crzy is a cut off his upcoming EP LOOK UP! It’s a 2 and half minute narrative about the fears that are plaguing his life. The most notable – his anxiety that his girl is cheating on him and everyone knows. He differs from other emcees in that he isn’t angry, just hurt as he clearly loves her.

Vulnerability is a constant in his music, and I know his listeners appreciate it. On top of that, he can rap and produce magnificently. Cey is an artist you need to know, especially if you are a hip hop fan living in Chicago. I believe in him, and know with the right exposure, he can get the recognition he deserves.



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