Nuke Franklin Flexes His Lyrical Muscles On New Single ‘Banned From Radio’

In my 7 year blogging career, I’ve noticed some rappers think rhyming complex words automatically proves they are talented. Sometimes they do it just to do it, hoping they will convince listeners to follow them on SoundCloud or download their mixtape. Still, other elements such as flow, production choice and more have to be A1. I love listening to Nuke Franklin because he has perfected all of this, and more. His lyrics flow out of him, almost like verbal vomit (in the best way possible.)

In April, he gave us a 7 track sampler of all that he is and could be. It was a strong EP; and a project I go back to often. His follow up track, Banned From Radio, is Nuke at his absolute best. You couldn’t ask for more in a true rap song. He floats on top of the Riz Leigh production, building until the 1:30 minute mark. After that, you’ll hear a hungry artist with a flow that doesn’t seem to stop. It might catch you by surprise if you haven’t listened to Nuke before; and if you remain stunned at the end, you will be forgiven.