Nuke Franklin – NukeTown (New EP)

Cleveland’s Nuke Franklin has been on our radar for a minute, and we’ve been excited for his new EP. It’s finally here, and he went above and beyond expectations. From the start he tells us how he dropped out of college (“fuck a university”) to focus on his craft. His dedication to his budding career is uncanny, as he’s obviously spent a lot of time on this project.

In NukeTown, there is a perfect balance of introspection, bold confidence, and even a little vulnerability. Each song has it’s own sound and vibe. Although his voice is naturally aggressive, he’s able to lighten his flow on the more abstract and downtempo production such as Mistaken and Check Up.

The featured artists are not forced, as Kipp Stone, Tae Miles, Jus Johnny and Nathaniel Lee contribute excellently. Give this a spin and don’t forget to follow him on SoundCloud.


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