Mpulse Keeps It Coming With Track 41 in His 52 Week Campaign

I’ve never met Mpulse, so there is no affiliation in that regard. He’s not our most posted artist because he’s a good friend. It’s because he’s proven, 41 weeks in, that he can consistently put out quality music.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the Chicago OG, you can check out all of our write ups here. In a nutshell – Pulse started a series where, for a year straight, he’s putting out one song per week. The campaign has really taken off, with posts from the likes of 2DopeBoyz, Fakeshoredrive, and Sway’s Universe.

Today we’ve got another outstanding track in Let Me Breathe. Pulse takes on another persona with a long animated verse over his own bass-heavy, sample-driven production. He doesn’t give a fuck about the “competition,” as he continuously stays focused on his craft.

You can check out his previous releases here.