Zarin Micheal’s Personal Letter To Hip Hop Is a Must Hear

Hip hop heads have many different ways of giving back to the genre. Some support the artists emotionally or financially, some praise with genuine write ups on blogs, and some, such as Zarin Micheal, use their music.

Just a few weeks ago he Revisited, Remixed & Remastered his classic EP Fuck You. I absolutely adored it (peep the write up) and since then have listened to his entire discography.

It was fitting to learn his newest single, No Challenge, was his love letter to hip hop. He gives his promise to bring back the classic bars, energy, and lyrical content that has now become a sad rarity. His right hand man, Alexander Preston, stays on the boards, giving us the raw and upbeat sound from the Fuck You EP. Zarin’s dedication to the culture is evident, and his music is bringing back some much needed positivity.