Zarin Micheal – Fuck You Reloaded (The Best EP You’ll Hear This Year)

It’s crazy how the world works. After listening to Fuck You Reloaded on SoundCloud a few days ago, I felt like I had just been slapped in the face; overwhelmed at what I had just heard. Just a day later Zarin’s manager submitted it. I was incredibly flattered, as this is the best EP I have heard all year, period. Every track sounds like Meek Mills’ Dreams + Nightmares, especially in the intro Blackface.

While Meek focused on impressing us from the beginning of his debut, it seems Zarin NEEDED to record this. He sticks to timely topics such as the fucked up state of our society, our crumbling political system, and finding strength in numbers. He raps about specific events in his life, and although it may come across as anger and pain, he often promotes rising above things we cannot control.

The production blew me away, and oddly enough frequent submitter Bijan Amir handled much of it. Preston also had his hands in it, and their collaborative powers created something classic.

The only problem I have with FYR is how short it is. I want more, and I rarely feel that way after hearing a someone’s music for the first time.


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