Julie’s PR/Consulting Services

In my 7 year blogging career I’ve seen so many artists struggle with submitting to blogs, getting their music heard, and finding new avenues to share their work.

Submitting quality press releases to blogs are essential to your success. If the format, writing style, and length aren’t flawless, your emails will often get ignored. Not all artists have the time to write about their own music; and if they don’t have a manager, the submission process can be frustrating.

I believe artists should only have to focus on what they do best: making music. Too often they have to hire PR that have incredibly high rates, don’t work closely with them, and don’t truly care about their success.

I take an entirely different approach. I understand the financial struggle artists go through. They have to pay for beats, album cover art, studio time, videographers, and so much more. That is why I keep my prices low, and work with any budget. Furthermore, I work very closely with the artist so they feel validated, heard, and kept in the loop. I am always open to comments and suggestions, and care about your success and growth. I pride myself on being honest, genuine, reliable, and thoughtful with my writing.

A little about me:

I went to Columbia College in Chicago from 2011-2014, receiving a music business degree. In that time I worked with a number of artists, covering shows, doing podcast interviews, putting together photo shoots, and blogging like crazy.

flowsfordays started last September, and since I’ve connected with Elevator, Thedemotape, 4thshorehiphop, Illanoize, and a number of other blogs around the country. I’ve developed relationships with producers, bloggers, radio hosts, event coordinators, journalists, artist managers, fashion designers, artists, and so many more. I have such a passion for music and have cherished every connection I’ve made.

Today I am announcing the re-launch of my PR and consulting services. I am so excited to start this up again, with more knowledge and experience than ever before. Below you will find what I offer:


Level 1 PR Package

  • 1 researched, thorough, written press release tailored to your song or video: $25
  • 1 researched, thorough, written press release tailored to your album/mixtape: $30

Level 2 PR Package

  • Personalized press release + message to 5 blogs (better chance of a post or plays because I know them personally and have worked with them before) – $40

Level 3 PR Package

  • Personalized press release + message for 1 song or video to 10 blogs I have worked with before
  • flowsfordays.com personalized 2 paragraph write up and Twitter post to 2.4K followers
  • Shared via SoundCloud

Disclaimer: I can never guarantee a post from the sites I contact because unfortunately I am not in control of their decisions. I can guarantee a thorough write up and personalized message. 

 TOTAL: $85


I also offer consultations for anyone in the music business. I ask my clients what they’d like me to focus on, and prepare accordingly. I research articles and tailor my advice to their needs. I have expertise in all areas – so the sessions are a healthy combo of research and my personal experiences and advice.

  • 15 min phone call/skype/facetime – $30
  • 20 min phone call/skype/facetime – $35
  • 30 min phone call/skype/facetime – $40

 Remember: I can work with a budget, but these are all preferred prices. Let’s be fair to one another and help one another succeed!

 Payment: I only accept payment via PayPal. I require the full amount within the day you accept the service. If it is not sent within the day I will not be able to provide my services.

Please email me at juliestevens@flowsfordays.com if interested. Please indicate which package you are interested in and what you need further clarification on. I am looking forward to working with all of you!