flowsfordays Premiere: KeVon + JXHN SCXTT – Money Bags (Video)

It’s always nice when an artist reaches out for a premiere. While I don’t always accept, I always appreciate the gesture and interest. Budding Chicago rapper KeVon hit me up a few days ago with a google drive link to this very visual. I immediately gravitated towards it; even more so because of the excellent production from flowsforday’s frequenter Jxhn Scxtt. We’ve been writing about Jxhn’s versatility as a producer since his first post, and Money Bags continues on with the theme. Videographer whylonewolf put the whole shebang together, dipping in and out of clips and HD shots of KeVon rapping his ass off.

KeV gave me the scoop on the inspiration and meaning of the visual which you can read below. I find hearing from the artist makes for a better understanding and appreciation of the music.

With the video I’m trying to paint the vision that money does give a feeling of paradise, you can come from the struggle or any rough situation and make it to a better place and accomplish great things. Many people say money is the root of evil but for some people money is a way of providing more and changing situations and that is what I’m trying to paint with this video. The shots of the church with the sun shining down represent the struggle, a dark place but give a feel of hope to make it to better things . The shots of the sky next by the pool side represents the finer/ paradise of life.