ANXT – Watching Paint Dry (New EP)

ANXT is a hidden gem in the Chicago music scene. Who in their right mind would create a 17 minute project inspired by watching paint dry ? WPD is one of the most significant releases the lo fi hip hop world has ever seen, and I say that with no hyperbole.

Stream of conscious bars seem to ooze out of him; and these are no simple lyrics. Complexity is the name of the game, and ANXT does it beautifully. Just peep a segment from opening track Alchemy:

Mortal loud mouths making minimal sound/ too dense for vibration to bounce.
I found myself, building on foreign borders/ searching for common ground. The combat is close quarters.

It would be easy to compare the album to Madvillany (Madlib + MF Doom) in it’s theme and character, but ANTX’s performance sounds more genuine and from the heart. The production is mind boggling, with contributions from E.N.C., Donn $oulo and Save Allen. So much ground is covered in just 6 tracks, including (but not limited to) suicidal thoughts, the savagery of PETA, Pakistan, prostitution, racial divides, and temptation.

I was stunned to see the low stream count of WPD, and hope this write up draws more attention to this classic piece of work.



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