Ziyaad Luceō – Tranquility Continuum (New Track)

When experimental r&b artist Ziyaad Luceō submitted his record Broken Skies back in February, I immeditely reached out for a dissection interview.  It was a beautiful sonic wonderland, with heavy subject matter that I could personally relate to.

The interview was one of my favorites to date, with the goal of giving a platform for Ziyaad to share his story. To follow it up he released Lost In Translation, containing even more honesty and vulnerability.

Today we have another loosie titled Tranquility Continuum. This is him at his most abstract, with a higher level of distortion and vocal reverb. Production comes from Medasin & Whoarei. Tranquility is an tribute record to his very first mixtape, which dropped 2 years ago. Ziyaad paints a story of his life since the project, speaking on how he has changed for the better and the worse.

You can download the EP here and hear how much he’s progressed since.