Ziyaad Luceō – Lost In Translation (What Happened To Us?) (New Track)

Ziyaad Luceō isn’t afraid to show his most vulnerable side. Just check his last cut Broken Skies (along with our Dissection Interview.) An excerpt from the convo is shown below:

I’m not scared to make risks with my craft so I’m trying to make more abstract artistry. My love and passion for music motivates me to be the best artist I can be day in and day out. I’m striving to be the best!

He wasn’t lying on the abstract part – as his newest record, Lost In Translation (What Happened To Us?) is some of the most experimental r&b I’ve heard in some time. The best part about his music is that it works – really well. He’s gaining new fans by the hundreds, boosting his followers and plays with every release.

I couldn’t help but smile when I learned it was produced by Chicago group ThemPeople. The mastering when to Ziyaad himself – and the end result blew me away. He puts pen to paper to communicate a relatable story of sadness and despair when a perfect relationship isn’t perfect anymore. It hit me at just the right time – and I’m sure others will feel the energy too.