UG Vavy – Run X4 (New Track)

At the tail end of last year we conducted a lengthy interview with Chicago’s own UG Vavy. It was such a fun experience, and I learned so much. You can check that out here. I’m happy to report that he just dropped the first single since our sit down in Run X4. This is my favorite record from him. It contains no true raps, but a ton of melody and determination.

In the interview we dove into his excellent album artwork and his tendency to self produce his tracks. Run X4 continues with both. Below is an excerpt about both topics:

Your single artwork is always so dope and always has the “restricted” stamp on it. Who designs them and what is your philosophy in putting out high quality artwork?

The style was created by homie Trap. Basically its our own aesthetic and we want to keep running with it so that when people see those squares and that restricted sign they know its me. At this point it’s our trademark so we just running with it you know.

You’ve produced all of your songs…at least so far. Why do you stick with your beats? In the future are you open to reaching out to other producers?

I know my sound and what I like to hear within beats. I want people to fall in love with what I do not what another producer has done. On top of that I’m a real do it yourself type of guy, I don’t like asking for beats or playing games, rather jump on my own beats and make hits. I would be open to create with other producers but as far as just taking a beat I didn’t add anything to that’s weird for me but normal for other artist. 

Photo Credit: @notryan_gosling