2017 Will Be UG Vavy’s Year…He Explains Why (Exclusive Interview)

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Chicago artist UG Vavy has had my undivided attention since the announcement from Supa Bwe that he’d be joining him (along with Shepard Hues) as a group called Fight Me. As a group they’ve only dropped one song but you can hear the chemistry immediately. As a solo artist UG is just as dope. He creates experimental, yet easily accessible tracks that have garnered over 100K spins in a short period of time. It’s amazing to watch his rise and I was so happy to see that he is now a verified artist on Twitter.

I was ecstatic to talk to him a few days ago to get the down low on what’s going on with Fight Me, where his name came from, and much more. Peep the interview below and stream his newest track above.

Hey UG! Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with us. Can you give us a little background about you…answer in any way you’d like. 

Whats good g im UG Vavy the rapping/producing/songwriting/nurse. 

Where did the name UG Vavy come from?

The name UG Vavy came from this girl in HS. UG is a short for Eugene which is my middle name and Vavy came from Baby but with V’s because is sounded cooler (laughs.)

So you just dropped your new track Brand New Wave which has gotten almost 10.5K views in just 4 days (at the time of this writing.) You’ve always gotten a bunch of love whenever you release something, but did you think this one would be so well received?

Honestly I was shooting in the dark. I knew the music was good but I did fear it not getting any attention but thats in the past now. The city takes to my music well as well as other big cities. 

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When I heard the song for the first time my initial thought was: “damn he’s bringing out his inner Travis Scott.” Do you like his music? Does he influence what you create?

I wouldn’t say inner Travis Scott, Brand New Wave was made around this time last year so its really old music that Ive waited to release. I like Travis Scott’s music though he’s dope but he doesn’t influence my music. When I create I’m in my own world. By doing the beats, writing my own lyrics, finding my own harmonies, I try to keep it all me and thats my style.

You’ve definitely built up a fan base since the start of your career. What do you attribute that to?

People relate and like the music. My perception of music is to just do me and have fun. I know people can hear me having fun. Not to mention Alex Wiley, Supa Bwe, and other rappers in the city co-signing me helped out a lot as well. 

So the first song you ever put out on SoundCloud was Sport It. From that track to more recent cuts like Brand New Wave and especially Back To Ballin’ it sounds like you’ve grown so much sonically. What head space were you in when you recorded Sport It and how do you think you’ve grown since then?

Sport It was the first song I created of its kind and thats the moment when I knew I found my sound after recording hella tracks. Sport It was me having fun and just letting whatever came to mind flow. Sport it was the Day 1 Chapter 1 for me when I was creating and from there Brand New Wave and Back to Ballin’ followed right after because I was moving off that energy. 

You’ve produced all of your songs…at least so far. Why do you stick with your beats? In the future are you open to reaching out to other producers?

I know my sound and what I like to hear within beats. I want people to fall in love with what I do not what another producer has done. On top of that I’m a real do it yourself type of guy, I don’t like asking for beats or playing games, rather jump on my own beats and make hits. I would be open to create with other producers but as far as just taking a beat I didn’t add anything to that’s weird for me but normal for other artist. 

You’ve also been producing for other cats this year. Some highlights are the FIGI Water Freestyle and VVS Shordy with Supa. Is more coming up for you? Do you like producing better than “rapping/singing”? 

I have more tracks coming with other rappers I just like to see the final product before I start speaking on it. I like producing just as much as rapping/singing. Some days I feel like just producing and some days I want to be a rapper, some days both. Making a hot beat does make me happy just like coming up with a cold hook and melodies make me happy to so I really don’t think about it too much. 

Your single artwork is always so dope and always has the “restricted” stamp on it. Who designs them and what is your philosophy in putting out high quality artwork?

The style was created by homie Trap. Basically its our own aesthetic and we want to keep running with it so that when people see those squares and that restricted sign they know its me. At this point it’s our trademark so we just running with it you know.

We featured your song Bussin’ on our 50 favorite songs out of Chicago this year. What was the process of creating that?

I made the beat to Bussin out of another track I had way back. It’s kind of like I knew the sample had potential but I didn’t attack it appropriately then so I had to re do it. I damn near freestyled that track plus I was a little drunk so I just let it flow. 

Another close favorite is Back To Ballin. What are your thoughts on that one? Do you have a favorite song that you’ve put out?

I made the beat to Back to Ballin and instantly I knew I had to rap on it. When I made the hook I was think about that old song “Back to light, back to reality” I thought to myself hmmm (laughs.) This song came about because I knew i was about to graduate nursing school so instead of being broke I was going back to balling. My favorite favorite isn’t out yet, but Gwap is most definitely one of my favorites but next year I might let go this super banger I got.

I do have to touch upon FIGHT ME. The announcement of the group hit this year. The group includes you, Supa Bwe and Shepard Hues. You dropped Annie back in late June…anything new coming out soon?

Yeah we’ve been working consistently were just stock piling a lot of music right now. Were also all working on our solo works as well but we make time to come together and create hot shit. We have tracks locked and loaded already when the time comes will release them. 

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How did you meet Supa and Shepard? Why did you decide to group together?

I met Supa through Alex Wiley then Shepard through Supa. I was hanging out in the studio with them working and we thought to ourselves since we were all creatives who worked hard why not formulate a group to do some crazy shit together. 

Who are some of your favorite artists right now? Who do you bump the most?

I listen to everybody to be honest, underground, mainstream literally everybody. I don’t have any favorites at the moment which is odd to hear myself say but its nobody I prefer I just know what I don’t prefer. 

What is essential for you in the studio?

In the studio I like to have at least a bottle of something, a piano so I can get my beats off, and sometimes I like being in the studio solo. I like being alone in the studio so that way I can just flow without other energies blocking me. Too many people in the studio can be a distraction and throw off the creative process in my opinion.  

What’s coming up for you in 2017? What can we expect?

In 2017 I’m going to continue to drop music but we’re going to do it bigger. We’re shooting videos, launching the site, merch, bigger shows, a lot more thing are just falling in as they should. 

Any last thoughts?

None at all thanks for the interview g, you know I rock with you! 

Thanks for your time!



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