Destiny Roberts is Minnesota’s new Lauryn Hill. We have posted her music countless times, even sitting down for an insightful interview with her last year. This girl can do it all – from neo soul record to vicious rhyming. She’s soulful, and most importantly a positive force in music. There is spirituality to her persona and her music, evident by our conversation.

I am so pleased to announce her debut project Moon Melanin Mami. First off – let’s take a second to admire the album title. Then – take a look at the cover art (by Eriscan Turk.) It’s incredibly detailed, with all of the elements explaining her mission as an artist.

The music is just as stunning. I got an early listen and have been playing it quite often in the last week. I knew it would turn heads – and it has with over 4K plays in just 4 days. You’ll find intergalatic sounds, passionate ballads, and wordplay that may go over your head.

It is one of the most impressive debuts I’ve heard in quiet some time and the praise must go to Destiny. It’s a sincere project which obviously took lots of time, effort, and love to make. I’d also like to note that she co-produced the album, along with DG3, Jnyce & Smittythc. Jesse Barron did the engineering.

I’d like to close with an exclusive quote about Moon Melanin Mami from Destiny sent directly to my email:

Moon Melanin Mami is literally my world… these 8 songs are just a glimpse of what goes on in my head. Moon Melanin Mami is more than just music, it’s an experience, it’s a movement. It’s for all the people in the world who’s ever felt like they were the outcast or from another place (or planet). I used the things that the world says are disadvantages, as my super powers, For me, it’s being a black woman (from outer space of course) Moon Melanin Mami represents self love and celebrates self individuality through a galactic 20 min, 8 – track experience. Moon Melanin Mami will literally take you to another world. Catch some magical vibes with the moon Melanin Mami.