We wrote about the buzzing Toronto group EMP at the top of December as they had just dropped their new track Perfect Timing. I talked about how amazing it was and how the group has had tremendous success in a short amount of time. Well, they are back again just 10 days later with the visual to the aforementioned song. My friends over at All The Best Media once again came through doing my job better than me with an amazing write up filled with hyperlink goodies. The excerpt will be below. This is well worth your watch so check it above.

EMP, the new face of Toronto’s downtown scene, release a visual for their latest single, “Perfect Timing.” The video is an action-packed continuation of the “Rebellion” video, which found the group rioting through the streets of downtown Toronto and has quickly accumulated nearly 150K YouTube views. “Perfect Timing” starts with EMP concluding a video shoot, then encountering a gadget that freezes time. Using the gadget to pull a heist that packs their pockets with money, revenge finds its way back to them.