BoodahDARR – Almighty (New EP + Extensive Review)

A little late getting this up…but it’s here! flowsforday’s favorite BoodahDARR has dropped his highly anticipated Almighty EP. Hopefully you checked out our exclusive interview with the IshDARR affiliate, as he revealed what you can expect from Almighty, the process of creating it, and personal anecdotes.

He wasn’t lying when he said we wouldn’t be disappointed. I was pleasantly surprised with his approach to the EP. Tracks were full of lethargic flows and somber production. It’s dark + dreary and captures the emotions he has felt in the 4 year long recording process. This is honesty at it’s best. Boodah can EASILY give us high energy bangers, but he decided to make Almighty a more personal project which I admire and actually enjoy more.

Every beat is just incredible. We’ve got production from frequent collaborator Canis Major, along with 2099 Beats, 1kLowkey, 808 Louie, and SSJ. They gave Boodah a perfect backdrop to lay down his intricate thoughts and feelings.

Opening track Thriller gives us an overview of the entire project as Boodah speaks on his demons and the beginning of his reflection. One of my favorites, Past Years, is one of his best narratives on the EP, as he reflects on how his (and his affiliate’s) success has not only changed them, but him. Naomi may be the most forthright song on the album and after just one listen gave me chills. One thing is for certain (on this cut), Boodah is in pain over his exes and the mark they have left on him. Although it is full of heartache, it is beautiful in it’s relatability.

I encourage you to take some time with this…don’t play it just once. I’m hoping this hits Spotify or Apple Music soon, but until then, stream above.



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