We talk with BoodahDARR on his humble beginnings + upcoming EP (Exclusive Interview)

BoodahDARR has been hard at work. The Milwaukee talent has been prepping for his upcoming project Almighty EP for some time now and since his official drops (see above) the anticipation is high. He’s affiliated with rising emcee IshDARR, but is a totally different artist and stands strongly on his own. He has a large team behind him, giving him constrictive criticism to create the best music he can.

We’ve definitely taken notice of his quality output and decided to sit down with Boodah to talk about pretty much everything under the sun. This is his first interview and we are humbled to be giving him the platform he deserves. Check below and look out for Almighty which we will keep you in the loop on.

Hey Boodah, thanks for taking the time to talk to us!

No problem, I’m excited!

Awesome! So can you introduce yourself? Tell us some of the basics about you.

Well my name is BoodahDARR, I’m 22 from Milwaukee, WI. Artist on the rise out the city & a CCM General. Ima libra baby, I like to smoke, and play xbox with the team.

(Laughs) So who is the team? Who supports you the most?

The team consists of IshDARR, EMAAD, Ju Preach, Tone Da Man, Shafi, Coop, and myself. The entire team is my main support group. I got 6 people I can consistently bounce ideas off of at any time of the day. They hit me with the constructive criticism, or feature when I need it.

That’s dope. We actually did an interview with Ju a month or so ago. Really cool guy…really talented. How did you initially link with them?

Yea Ju is probably the most humble in CCM. Thats my n****. Uhh majority of us went to high school together. Tone da Man & I became friends freshmen year, thats my dawg. Ish & I went to grade school with Preach & E, Shafi is our cousin, & coop went to high school with us, Mag as well.

Wow, definitely a large team behind you. So do you work with an in house producer? Or who are some of the producers do you work with?

Indeed, thats my family forreal. Now that I’m taking music more serious, I’m working with more in house producers, but when I was getting my mojo back in the studio, I was just YouTube hunting finding my sound. Canis Major & Lean Beatz are my current two favorite in house producers. Canis Major is CCM as well, holding down the Canada division (laughs.)


Let’s go back to taking music more seriously. When did you decide to do that?

I decided to take music more serious about a year ago when I dropped Almighty. The support behind that record really convinced me I could do this shit forreal. I wasnt supposed to drop again after that lmao

So your debut project Almighty EP is coming soon. When can we expect that? Any details on the project you can give us? 

Yea Almighty was originally scheduled to drop this Halloween but some shit came up so I decided to push it back to November. As for details, the tape is a collection of emotions & music compiled over about 4 years. You wont be disappointed.

I’ve definitely noticed your single covers…they are epic. My favorite one is actually the Almighty track cover. So simple but the white backdrop and taking your pic off to the side was dope. Who does your cover art?

Thank you! I do all my own cover art actually. Taught myself Photoshop off of YouTube about a year ago (laughs)

Wow that’s really impressive. So any drops coming up before the EP?

Appreciate that. Idk to be honest (laughs) it really depends on how I feel about what I do in the stu that day. Ima see wassup doe.

So are you still recording for Almighty?

Nah, Almighty is finished. Might hit it with a few touch ups closer to the drop date but yea it’s done.

Got it. So have you been doing any shows?

Not yet but thats cool cuz when they start coming they not gon stop. I’m doing a few guest appearances for right now doe.

Anything you’re willing to reveal about that?

All I can say is if you catch this interview in time, come fuck with IshDARR’s Local Experiences. You never know what might happen that night (laughs.)

(Laughs) damn hopefully my readers take that hint. Who do you listen to these days music wise?

Most definitely. Music wise, I listen to mostly Future, his music keeps me motivated. A lot of older Drake, Kodak (Free Kodak), a lot of The Weeknd, Asap Rocky, and CCM.

Great choices. Any other cats out of Milwaukee?

Nah not really. I don’t listen to half as much music as I used to. I’m too busy trying to create the next NWTS & put my n**** on while I’m at it. Oh yeah, I forgot about Travis Scott. Huge musical influence to me!

Future and Travis are a huge motivation for me too even though I don’t create music. They make music that gets me motivated.

Exactly! They make u wanna be dope n**** in life.


Do you have any last thoughts or shout outs?

Uhh really just wanna shoutout all the people that fuck with me & the movement. Keep rocking with CCM, we moving.

Awesome man. We really appreciate the time and will definitely be keeping up with you. When the EP drops you know we’ll hit you up haha.

Definitely! This was dope. First interview actually haha Huge S/O to Flowsfordays.com! Thank you.

Thank you! Glad we were the first to catch you




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