Interview With Kiraly Payne on music video ‘The Unexpected’ (Dissection Interview Series)

I saw The Unexpected music video from Kiraly Payne in the middle of October. Actually, right in the middle. It was such a catchy and infectious song, and to top it off the video kept my interest. At first I thought AZaeProduction had directed it, but all credit must be given to VisualSZN. As you’ll see below, I had more questions that answers after watching this mini movie so we decided to sit down with the man himself and…like always…dissect. This is the back and forth we had. Watch above and get some insight about the video.

Hey Kiraly. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us!

Of course! I appreciate you guys catching up with me

So you dropped the official music video to The Unexpected 2 weeks ago. It’s been doing numbers! How does it feel?

Yeah it’s pretty crazy but I’m never satisfied you feel me? I’m trying to get millions in a day. That’s what drives me man.

You shot the video with highly respected videographer AZaeProduction How did you link with him?

What most people don’t know is that AZAE actually had no part in the making of that video. The video was completely shot by my boy VisualSZN and directed by me. Him  and Zae are in cahoots so we were able to get it up on his channel.

This was definitely more of a cinematic experience as there was a plot and story being told. In your words explain what you were trying to get across.

Thank you that was the objective, I don’t like to make just any other videos. I have to stand out. The video was really just explaining that you need to watch who call your “friends” because niggas are shiesty, Watch your back. The people closest to you might not wanna see you win.

After I watched the visual I had more questions than answers honestly haha. Did you want viewers to be a little confused or want to know more?

Haha a little to be honest, the goal was to create anticipation for what’s next. I just wanna keep people on their toes that’s all

Did you have an idea of the direction you wanted to go in with the video? How did you and VisualSZN work together on it?

It’s crazy how this video came about, literally the day night before Visual SZN flew into Chicago is the night I came up with the idea for the video with my homie JUSTWill.  We literally shot the video in 5 hours because Visual SZN had to catch a plane back to LA. Thatwill probably never happen again haha I still can’t believe we shot that in 5 hours and it came out the way it did

Now this is the first single from your upcoming EP Z. Will there be anymore singles dropping before we get that? Any visuals we can look forward to? 

To be honest I probably won’t release anymore singles. The EP will drop then we’ll be dropping a video to one of the tracks in probably December

Is there a release date for Z?

Not yet, but it’ll be out soon that’s a promise. Me and my guys worked hard on this just like we do everything and we won’t disappoint

Any last thoughts, shout outs, or words of wisdom?

Well I’d like to thank y’all for catching with me. Shout out to JUSTWill and Chrisxilla for helping me a lot with this EP. They deserve just as much credit as I do man. Shout out the rest of my camp too, they know who they are.


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