Throwback Interview with Aaron Rennel (Posted On My First Blog)

My latest editorial, ‘Why I Started‘ touched upon my previous blog Discover Good Music. I did a good amount of interviews with up and coming artists on DGM, just like I do now. I like to believe the sit downs I conduct on the flowsfordays blog have better questions and are formatted better. But I do think I picked talented artists that I often still have relationships with to this day.

Today is a throwback interview I did with Aaron Rennel two years ago (2014.) He had dropped 2 projects Art of Seduction Vol. 1 & 2 which I really enjoyed (see Vol. 1 below.) I wanted to learn more about them, but mostly him as a person and artist.

I’ll be posting more throwbacks in the future, but wanted to see the response on this one. It’ll give you a little more insight to where I was earlier in my life which may be interesting to some of you. It also sheds light on artists that are still coming out with great content.

Can you introduce yourself? What’s your name, where are you from, how old are you?

No problem, my name is Aaron Rennel, the BlackHeartHero, and i’m from Erie, Pennsylvania. I’m 22 by the way.

You dropped your latest mixtape Art Of Seduction Vol. 2 a little less than a year ago. Why wait so long to drop something new?

I’ve actually been working on collaboration projects; since I originally dropped AOS2, I’ve been a part of amazing mixtapes like NL: The Movie and The Foxhole by my homie Flamingo$. I know people are itching to hear new material from me, I plan on delivering.

Going back to AOS2, right from the introductory track Sundresses, the listener gets a west coast style beat coupled with strings and samples. Who produced this?

Yeah that track is crazyyy huh haha. My mans Justyn Waves sent me this along with a few other beats that were just as flame, he’s a real talented dude.

When did you start getting serious about becoming an artist? When did you write your first rhyme?

Music has been my best friend for longer than I can remember, I’ve been writing music since I was probably 8. It wasn’t until I went to ECU that I started thinking that this could actually be a possibility.

Who are some of your influences? Who has helped shape you into the artist that you have become today?

Wow, I like so many types of music and different artists that it’s really hard to pinpoint. I just like dope music, when I think of that, I think of people like Kanye West, Drake, SBTRKT, Kid Cudi, J. Cole I love how Nipsey and Curren$y are doing it, I just love dope music. As far as on a day to day level, im influenced by the people I make music with. Flamingo$, Kenny Ba$e, Uptown Maine, Acee, it’s a blessing to be around such talented artists.

If I had to describe AOS2 in one word I would call it “smooth.” I just looked and there’s even a track titled $mooth that I didn’t see. Was that the goal of the project? How else would you describe your music?

Haha it’s crazy that you say that, that’s not the first time I’ve heard that and I’m glad, that was definitely my goal for this project. If I had to describe my music I’d say it’s eclectic, AOS2 was a mixtape directed at a specific audience but I’d never pigeonhole myself into one category, I just love to create.

You speak a lot about your hopes, dreams and ambitions for the music industry; particularly in Lullaby. What inspired you to create this track?

Sheesh! Haha that track was born out of a real life situation I was going through with one of my, um.. Good friends at the time haha but all in all I had fun with that one, it was a great experience.

The Confident Remix was bold. Very experimental but it worked well. I always felt Chance’s verse needed to be longer than Justin’s vocals. How did that track come about? 

Thank you, thank you. Originally I wasn’t going to do a version of ‘Confident’, it was gonna be ‘All That Matters’, another Beiber song. I kind of just stumbled across the song and immediately started writing.

The track has a great edit, it feels as though you and Justin are vibing off each other in the same studio. Who helped you achieve this?

Thanks again Julie, I actually did that myself. From stitching the chorus together with the instrumental to mixing and mastering my vocals. It was important to me that it sounded like a cohesive piece of work.

What’s your local hip hop scene like?

My local hip hop scene is a like an intersection of a real conscious crowd and A heavy drill and trap influenced crowd. Everyone kind of does their own thing i guess; NL is all about spreading love/positivity, being the best version of yourself, and embracing what it is that makes you an individual. There are a lot of talented artists coming up, as far as I’m cons earned we’re the at the helm.

Any shows coming up or that you’re hoping to perform at?

Myself, Kenny Ba$e, and Flamingo$ just had a killer performance at the Spring Break Showcase in the Convention Center in Erie, PA, shout out GP. As of now, I don’t have any upcoming shows.

Kenny Ba$e is an r&b feature that comes up a few times in AOS2. What is your relation to him?

I do a lot of music with Kenny Ba$e. Our joint mixtape ‘A QP & Some’ hash has 11,000+ views. I’m proud of how far we’ve come but as far as my relation to him, he’s my brother. Be on the lookout for STADIUMS.

There are a lot of tracks about the ladies, is this topic where you believe you flourish the most?

Haha yeah, I definitely feel it’s one of my strong points but you also have to keep in mind, AOS2 was the second installment of a mixtape series aimed mostly at a female audience.

Plans for this year? Where can we get at you social media wise? Any last words to my readers?

2015 AND FOREVER ON NL IS THE WAVE! I plan to keep leveling up and to continue to be a blessing to the people around me. I can’t see my life panning out any other way so i’m excited to see what this year brings me. Follow me on Twitter @BlackHeartHero, keep up with my tumblr at and peep my IG: @Blackhearthero.