What Inspired Me To Start flowsfordays.com (Personal Editorial)

flowsfordays was started for a reason. I had been running a blog on Tumblr called Discover Good Music for a few years while I was at Columbia College in Chicago. For those that aren’t familiar, it’s an arts school downtown. I transferred to the college in the fall of 2012 after trying social work at Northeastern.

Being at Columbia was an amazing experience. I made so many connections and took such interesting classes. Before I got there I decided I wanted to get a degree in music business (which I did at the end of 2014.) Right after I applied I started DGM; first as a way to meet new artists on Twitter, (as I was addicted to the site) and then as a way to help spread their music that I felt deserved much more recognition.

Hip hop was my forte; I had been listening to it for quiet a long time. I read about it, listened to tons of albums, and dedicated myself to find my niche. At first I tried producing (it was an absolute disaster) and then I realized I wanted to help promote the culture and its underground movement.

The blog started small (I think I had 100 followers after the site was up for 3 months) so I was often discouraged. Most of the artists I featured were extremely appreciative of the supportive I was giving them. I made friends, learned about the blogging industry, and bettered my writing. I did it for the love of hip hop and the love of discovering new music.

When I entered Columbia the blog started growing. I kept reaching out to artists, especially in the city, and even did some podcast interviews (that have since been taken down.) I loved the rush of posting, and seeing the hunger of artistic individuals like myself. It was such a fun experience. I did it for free, and did it with tons of homework and responsibilities.

After a few years I took a break from the blog (for personal reasons that I’ll probably post about later.) Then I took another break, for the same reason. I wasn’t as interested anymore. I was hardly on Twitter. I even switched to a personal account.

The site became stale to me. I knew I needed a second wind. I knew a big part of the lack of interest was the way the site looked and the lack of features. I decided to give it one more shot; so I made a WordPress account and started flowsfordays. I promised myself I would give this one my all and stay consistent (I took a short break in September for reasons, once again, I’ll write about later.)

That was about 2 months ago. Now, I love the outline of the blog. I finally got a logo. I acquired a lot more support and followers. I’m writing actual editorials which I never thought I could do before. My writing got better. I reached out to do collaborate pieces with blogs, learned from constructive criticism and pushed to find more story ideas. I’ve even guest written on a few sites (this will continue.) Not only has my passion for music changed for the better, my outlook on life has too.

It’s cliche, but hard work will get you places that you need to go in order to make it, whether they are positive or negative. I share this story in the hopes that newer artists that don’t feel like they are properly recognized for their music continue to work and believe in themselves. It took awhile, but I finally have, and it’s given me so much success and joy.

flowsfordays will only grow as a blog and a brand. Here’s a toast to what exciting opportunities lay ahead. I know I’ll keep working…every day.