L.A. VanGogh – ‘No Service’ (New Track + Artist Spotlight)

This post made my head spin. Illinois native L.A. VanGogh is, to put it lightly, heavily involved in the midwest hip hop scene. He presented a hell of a debut with 2015’s The Vinyl, is 1/2 of duo safeNsound with DJ Ambi and also produces. He’s released two complex remix EP’s in the last 2 months,#shftape vol. 1 +  #shftape vol. 2, dropped off a great project tilted L.A. VanGogh as safeNsound, and now, the single No Service, which is above. (phew). 

DJ Ambi (producer of the song) and VanGogh created a middle eastern style banger full of intricate wordplay, calling out the artists that aren’t rapping on his level and bluntly letting them know they aren’t and will never be on his level.

If you go through his entire discography (which you can partially do below) you will notice he’s not just a rapper, but a true artist; singing, creating electronic antics using his voice as the medium, and using the rare artistic ability to bring just the right people in to collaborate on a project or track (Yomi, Saba, Nosidam, Sherren Olivia to name a few.) He’s a little elusive, at least in his music and how he decides to create songs (case in point feels: exhibit J He’s keeping us all guessing, and hot damn it’s working.


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