Amon has impressed flowsfordays since we heard and posted his raw track Dreams Man. We did a pretty extensive write up; so to get a nice introduction to him and his music check that out here. Amon has a lot more to say than contained in his tracks, so we decided to sit down with the man, learn more about the crazy artwork that accompanies all of his tracks, why he gives all of his songs away for free and everything in-between. Read below.

Hey Amon! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us! How’s life treating you?

Life’s treating me very well just working hard and staying focused on my goals at hand. Just remaining thankful and humble through this whole process.

I want to talk about my favorite track you’ve ever released, Dreams Man, the track I posted to my blog. First, the artwork is ill. Who designed it?

I designed the artwork from the ground up I kinda learned how to mess with photoshop over time nothin crazy.

I found the track to be so effective, in part, because of how you used your voice to convey emotion and energy. What was it like creating the track? 

It was really fun creating it I make music pretty fast so when I did it only took about an hour but the producer Mike 600 made it super dope already it just needed that vocal love. (laughs)

What was the inspiration for recording it?

It was just like life is too short and not being able to follow your dreams because you got bills to pay and when you graduated college and haven’t really got anything in return kinda sucks.

What is essential to have in the studio when you record?

Just a good vibe, I’m not really picky i just enjoy creating dope music.

When I posted the song I called it a different take on “struggle rap.” Do you agree with this? What makes you a unique artist?

Struggle rap sounds like I’m a bad artist (laughs), I’m playing but its music at the end of the day, its passion its what I feel. I’m very honest it’s what makes me unique people love my honesty in my music.

You’re from San Diego; who do you like to collaborate with out there?

Haven’t really done too many collaborations out here but I do link with my boy Ray Nixon he wild on the mic and a few others but theres a lot in the works right now cant give that away just yet.

Your SoundCloud is full of gems of loosies. In my opinion, you can kill any track. You can switch up your flow so effortlessly. Is that something you consciously do?

Naw not really I kinda just rap and if it sounds cool I run with it (laughs) pretty simply put.

Every song on SC is available for download. Why did you decide to do that?

I do that because I want people to have my music forever, so they can they supported me when I was nobody. I don’t really care about selling music I know how it was for me as a kid not having money to buy music so we had to download it off the internet some type of way or just listen too it on YouTube so I give it away for free.

You’ve put out two music videos. Will there be more visuals in the future?

YES YES YES they have been shot we are just waiting on editors!!!

Can we expect a full length in the near future?

No imma just drop singles for a while, theres a strategy behind it all!!

Any last comments/shout outs?

Thank ya’ll so much for having me this is the first interview I have done in a while so it feels good to know that someone is paying attention! And shout out my whole squad Paid Off Worldwide and Jamme, and everyone else I speak with on a daily basis ya’ll know who ya’ll are (laughts) but yeah thats me I’m just ready to be the greatest that i can be!!!