Amon – Dreams Man (New Track)

We all struggle. A basic human element. Sometimes with money/jobs, emotions, relationships…well you know the rest. San Diego emcee Amon has released a track, Dreams Man, that conveys his struggles with all the above. Unlike a sub-genre of hip hop that I liked to call “struggle rap,” Amon puts this confusion and apprehension into every element of Dreams Man and makes it work. You can hear the pain in his voice, the sub-conscious confusion of where he will go next. His bars and flow are simple and straightforward, not taking attention away from the fear he has in his heart. Yet, he takes it all in stride, having the hope of happiness, but knowing it will be a long road ahead.

Dreams Man isn’t the only track he’s released where he questions his life. Excellent loosie Ambivalence and Left is just as described. My hope is Amon will continue to garner the attention he deserves based off of his honesty alone. I’m not sure if any project is in the works, but I really connected with this track. Give it a spin above.