Supreme Sol – Speed (New Music Video) (FFD Premiere)

Supreme Sol is a breath of fresh air in today’s hip hop climate. While tons of new artists continue to make the same music in order to fit into the conventional mainstream, Sol paves his own way to greatness. Take his latest music video, Speed. Lyrics pour out of the emcee with a flair unmatched … More Supreme Sol – Speed (New Music Video) (FFD Premiere)

FFD Premiere & Exclusive Interview: Connor james – Been Up Freestyle (New Track)

Chicago’s Connor james turned heads last year with The Champagne Tape, which mixed calculated trap beats with his creative lyrical approach and flow. The 4 track EP was a highlight of last year, and showed that james was a leader, not a follower. Motel Music, his new collaborative project with fellow Chicago native drmbeat, goes in a completely different direction than … More FFD Premiere & Exclusive Interview: Connor james – Been Up Freestyle (New Track)

FFD Premiere & Interview: Newman – ‘Elminá’ (New Project)

Making a flawless album takes time, dedication, persistence, and confidence. If the process gets ‘hard’, many artists rush it, or even quit. There are still a plethora of rappers who stick with it till the end, and actually put out some dope content. In my eyes, this should be standard if you want people to support … More FFD Premiere & Interview: Newman – ‘Elminá’ (New Project)

Snowy Joey – ‘Snow 4’ (Exclusive Interview & EP Premiere)

Back in March we gave a heavy co-sign to Bad Boy, the first single off of Snowy Joey’s upcoming EP. The Chicago lyricist immediately impressed, seamlessly blending traditional hip hop with pop sensibilities. In his submission, he told us Snow 4 was dropping soon, and that we could expect catchy hooks, accessibility, and tunes meant to … More Snowy Joey – ‘Snow 4’ (Exclusive Interview & EP Premiere)

flowsfordays Premiere: Newman -“Placencia” (New Track)

I’ll forever be grateful to music blogger Joe Hova. We met on Twitter early on and instantly connected. If he’s writing about content – it is thoughtful, edited, and lengthy. He’s also become a great friend of mine. Occasionally he’ll pitch me a premiere – and I always sign on. This is not out of … More flowsfordays Premiere: Newman -“Placencia” (New Track)

Wellium – BEL1EVE (Exclusive Premiere + Interview)

Prior to this interview, I wasn’t familiar with Wellium or his music.  It was really too bad as he’s not only a unique artist – but a creative soul. He reached out to me in early March giving me a full synopsis of his upcoming project titled BEL1EVE. It wasn’t your typical email – with very organized information on the … More Wellium – BEL1EVE (Exclusive Premiere + Interview)