Asha O-Ren – ELEVATEHER MUZIK (New Track)

Ohhh shit. Asha O-Ren is back with another one. If you’ve been rocking with us for awhile, you’ll remember our coverage of her December release Stars. I said: ‘Asha has the most unique flow I’ve heard in recent memory; further accentuated by her soft, yet blunt voice.’ While this is still true, her newest songContinue reading “Asha O-Ren – ELEVATEHER MUZIK (New Track)”


Asha O-Ren + Ocean Baileux – Stars (New Track)

Asha O-Ren + Ocean Baileux are new to my ears, but their potential to make a mark in the music world is enormous. They are both at their first year of college at Clark Atlanta University and told me they just love making music. Stars is their strongest cut so far. Asha has the most uniqueContinue reading “Asha O-Ren + Ocean Baileux – Stars (New Track)”