Amon – All My Life (From City Of Ali Soundtrack)

Amon · All My Life (From "City Of Ali") Amon is an artist I saw promise in from his very first submission in 2016. He continued to send me music, and I couldn’t find a flaw in any of them. This reigns even truer 5 years later with his contribution to an incredible new documentaryContinue reading “Amon – All My Life (From City Of Ali Soundtrack)”


FFD Premiere: Ali (feat. Chai Tulani & Guy) – My Lighter (New Track)

Ali spreads hope, love, and joy through his music. His debut album, which came out this year, showed awareness and found the silver linings of trials and tribulations we all experience at some point. Today’s premiere of his collaborative piece, My Lighter, is more of the same, but with even bouncier, upbeat melodics and production.Continue reading “FFD Premiere: Ali (feat. Chai Tulani & Guy) – My Lighter (New Track)”

It’s Just The Start For Lukas G of New Kingz (Exclusive Interview)

Chicago’s hip hop market is wide open. It has been for some time but as SoundCloud has progressed in features and popularity, music fans have a better ability to discover new sounds coming out of their respective cities. SoundCloud has been an amazing tool for flowsfordays; and continues to be. Young Chicago artist Lukas GContinue reading “It’s Just The Start For Lukas G of New Kingz (Exclusive Interview)”

New Kingz – I Kno (New Track)

The Chicago duo New Kingz have got it on lock to definitely tear up the local (and national) hip hop scene. Lukas G and Ali have such raw talent; it’s almost impossible to ignore. They’ve proven it with tracks like Kream (among others) but recent drop I Kno is them at their most confident and exploratory.Continue reading “New Kingz – I Kno (New Track)”