Chicago MC Londo Catches Us Up On His Life in Potent New Track ‘Blank Canvas’

Last September, Chicago MC Londo dropped a hell of a debut in The Grim Adventures of My MindThe title alone should give you some idea of how creative this man is. Londo has grown in a number of ways since the release, and he’s decided to catch us up with his new track Blank Canvas.

I cannot begin to tell you how impressive this record is. Over a dusty, atmospheric, and compelling instrumental provided by Abnormal, Londo runs circles around topics that move and sway in a stream of conscious style. There is no chorus, but instead of running through his thoughts and feelings with little care for lyricism, he shows how sharp his pen game is. This guy is a gift to the scene, and I truly hope he gets the shine he deserves. I haven’t heard something like this in a long, long time. Londo has inspired me this morning in more ways than one.

Stream on all platforms here.


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