Chicago Artist Leo Mantra Seeks Clarity In His Latest Track ‘Rosebud’

Cries for help are often silent and unrecognizable which can create serious issues. Chicago artist Leo Mantra takes a different route – putting all of his pain into gorgeous sentiments. Rosebud is a song that has Leo asking questions that he still can’t find answers to. He desperately wants clarity in his relationship, trying to understand if she’s in this for real. The essence of Rosebud rests in the free flowing chrous:

You know if you call on me I’ll come running/I hope that if I call you you’ll be there

Leo knows he’s counting on someone else for his happiness, unsure if his feelings are reciprocated:

Free me from my problems – my issue right now i’m okay – only I don’t know how much you care

Angst driven emo rap comes a dime a dozen, but Leo has transformed his emotive lyrics into a clear, ambient narrative that is only enhanced by Moses Mode’s earthy instrumentation.


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