Chris Shreve Starts His Career Anew With New Music Video ‘Hold Me Down’

Chris Shreve decided to begin the new decade with a major change. After 12 years of attempting to balance a growing music career with the demands of being a full-time university professor and family man, he decided to quit his job and follow his passion. Peep his explanation below:

“I simply didn’t have enough hours in the day or enough space in my brain to keep track of it all. At a certain point, I just need to be able to fully support a record and have the space to roll it out the way it should be. The way the demands of my life were set up, it was just unsustainable.”

This becomes apparent in his latest visual, Hold Me Down, off last year’s exceptional project GROWN. The music video, directed by Andrew Anderson, are a huge upgrade in quality, creativity, and overall aesthetic. Gripping shots of Shreve and featured artist Marisa Blake moving through the dark streets as the rain pours down, coupled with heartfelt and hurtful conversations captures it’s essence.

The song focuses on the ups and downs of new relationships and learning how to trust. Shreve continues to provide noteworthy and contemplative lyrics that put you right into his own story that is just as relatable to others.

Shreve is slated to make his SXSW debut in a couple weeks, and will be performing at Brooklyn Wildlife Festival, Boone in Blossom, West Coast Function Fest, Livestarr Festival, and at venues throughout the year as he expands to touring nationally. Fans can expect new music from Shreve this Friday, when he drops his much anticipated single Super Villains featuring the talents of Jarv and D.R.U.G.S. Beats. 


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